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Added on 12-07-2021

Comcast Xfinity - - Up to $100 when you sign up for one or more Xfinity services (TV/Internet/Home Security/Mobile) Comcast Xfinity is a consumer-facing internet and television brand. TV at home & on the go. Hulu on X1. Stream live sport ... See more

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Xfinity is a fast and reliable internet and TV provider, providing the latest technology for you and your family.

They’re owned by Comcast, and specialize in, well, a few thing (that are all linked). Their offer includes, internet, TV, a streaming platform called Xfinity Flex, Xfinity Home which protects your house and keeps you connected to it even when you’re away, Xfinity Mobile (a new wireless network) and Xfinity Voice, which is an innovative reimagined home phone. That’s a lot!

You can choose what you need from their offer, but if you want the whole package, they’ve got it. They’re all about putting the customer at the center of everything they do, and reimagining the way that people talk to each other when they’re not standing in the same room.

Where to start? Let’s take Xfinity TV as an example. The TV enables users to browse seamlessly through live TV, on demand shows, and movies, online streaming services like Netflix or Xfinity Flex, as mentioned above. What’s more, the remote is controlled by… your voice. The X1 Voice Remote, as it is called, you just have to think about what you want, say it… and there it is, on your screen. No need to scramble with the controller for a good ten minutes, trying to undo the three x’s you accidentally just typed. Oh, and by the way, this Voice Remote also exists for other Xfinity products, like phones, tablets and laptops. All this is part of reimagining the way people communicate and use technology.

Let’s move on to Xfinity Home. They provide you with 24/7 cameras, motion sensors, and more, to guarantee peace of mind even when you’re far away from your most important belongings. They integrate some of the best technology that’s out there when setting up your house securely. Got any questions? Go check out their website, everything is explained fully and clearly, in well-designed pages that show how committed they are to high-speed, high-quality technology and services.

That’s just two of the 6+ services they commercialize, and they’re all done with equal professionalism, top of the notch technology, and a customer-centered approach. What’s really cool is that if you want to combine a few of their services, that’s what they’re made for! You’ll be able to switch seamlessly from TV to streaming services, to controlling your house, to paying for your phone bills. Xfinity offers an infinity of possibilities, bearing its name well.

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