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Added on 14-09-2020

You can use my referral link to get 10$ off when subscring to Tello. In addition you will see that very often they propose 15% or 30% additional discount directly on their website. Tello is pretty good. Awesome value, price and customer service. Use the referral code "P3F5C5Q1   ... See more

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Tello Mobile is a wireless communications service provider. As a mobile virtual network operator, it provides coast-to-coast wireless coverage through Sprint’s network to nearly 300 million people in the United States.

In addition to an efficient 4G LTE network, which allows for fast video streaming and high download speed, and high quality calls, both national and international, it offers a wide array of payment options to its customers, be they mobile plans, with a prefixed amount of text messages, minutes or data that can be used by a customer over a month, or a pay as you go plan with a fixed rate for any operation done through the network. In both cases, flexibility is a main feature, with no contract, no extra fees, an easy buying process and a customer service available 24/7.

Among its many plans, which starts from $5 per month up to $39, Tello new unlimited plan which offers 25GB of high speed data, and unlimited 2G data once that amount is reached, it also provides families with the possibility of signing up for an advantageous and brand-new family plan thanks to which the expenditures of a whole household can be diminished in a most beneficial manner. An unlimited number of lines can be added to a family plan, each with its own number phone and plan.

Countries outside the United States, such as Canada, Mexico, China and Romania can be reached with no extra cost with a regular plan, while foreign countries can be reached easily with varying rates depending on which country is reached.

Customers can combine, depending on their needs, which amount of minutes, text messages or data they want. So customers can adapt with both precision and flexibility their plans to suit what they know to be their needs, allowing for savings and more freedom along the way. Tethering is free and customers can adapt their plans at any time from month to month. Tello also sells phones, either brand new or certified refurbished grade A, with free shipping and a 30 days return policy. In case the customer already has a phone, Tello provides a service that will inform the customer as to whether his phone is compatible with the services it proposes. Tello's services are provided solely online, putting the emphasis on a friendly and above all effective customer service readily available at any hour of the day on any given day.

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Avis ajouté le 26-07-2019 - note attribuée au parrain genius : 10 / 10

Great referrer - Great support - he answered quicky to all my questions.

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