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OnePlus is now one of the top 5 phone companies worldwide, built around the idea of improving their products based on their client community’s feedback.

This Chinese phone manufacturer founded in December 2013 had the goal of creating a phone that kept getting better. So far, it’s worked! From improving low-light selfies, to making sure gamers aren’t disturbed by notifications, or even better quality videos, the company has listened to their clients’ feedback and update after update, have made their product match those who use it.

With their slogan, “Never Settle”, they’re telling the world that smartphones can be of excellent quality, and yet not empty out your wallet entirely.

In their online store, you’ll find their phone offers, which ranges from the OnePlus 5T to the OnePlus 7 Pro. You may also be tempted by accessories such as headphones, car chargers, and even a fun “trips and tunes” bundle, consisting of a backpack and headphones, for the most adventurous of music lovers.

Better, faster, stronger. Whether it’s the speed, the quality of the camera, the time it takes to charge (an astounding 20 minutes), the aim of the Oneplus 7 pro is to go above and beyond your expectations for a phone. The slick edges and curved screen also provide a highly aesthetic experience, and the phones come in an array of different colours.

Not only this, but their seamless website explains in detail each of the different products’ features and compares them to other technologies used in phones today. This way, you can find exactly what you’re looking for in a phone.

Once you’ve bought their product, they have a well organised repair service, with all the prices listed online! No need to dread the repair costs of obscure shops that don’t deliver on their promises. These phones are in it for the long run.

On their website, their support section is easy to access and understand, which is part of their aim to deliver the best product possible. They even have video guides, ranging from how to install a protector screen (which they also sell on the website), to the best ways of using your camera features for example.

Under the Community tab, where clients have their own account, you’ll find discussion about issues with the product, suggested improvements, or even see news like the “OnePlus shot of the month”, a photo contest where the winner receives a small gift. This user-friendly environment really makes you feel valued as a costumer.

Last but not least, they give you the option of paying for the phone via 3 separate instalments. All in all, this innovative brand brings technology to you on a silver platter, values your opinion and needs, and remains at your disposal after sales. What more could you want?

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