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Transferwise allows you to significantly reduce transfer fees for international transfers through a very intuitive and easy to use site.

The finding is that the money transfer fees via Transferwise are 8x lower than through traditional banks.

On the transfer fees of traditional banks, one must generally take into account fixed bank charges, a virtual exchange rate to the advantage of the bank, a commission.

With transferwise all these costs are reduced because they use a simple method: the transfer of the amount you want to send is first sent to a transferwise account in Europe. Then transfer the amount back to the account in the foreign currency from your local account in the destination country.

The service already has 3 million customers around the world and is starting to heckle the world of traditional banks which generate a lot of turnover thanks to inter-account transfers.

The transferwise website or application is very easy to use, considering a SEPA account or paying directly with your credit card (a little more expensive, but hardly, in this case).

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Great referrer - I recommend his promo codes that are valid ! really cool

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