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XE Money Transfer is a bank-beating international money transfer service.

If you need to transfer money across the world at the best prices, be it for living expenses, paying bills, repeat payments, send money to family or friends, moving abroad, or property purchase, XE is the service for you!

You can get either a free personal account or a free business account, and start transferring on the same day. The old bank model is obsolete!

The brand is one you can trust: with about 285 million unique visitors every year, XE positions itself as a big player in the field. In 2015, 74 billion dollars were processed by their parent company, in ATM, prepaid card, and money transfers. The app accounts for 65 million downloads and as many as 220 financial institutions and leading brands use the service, including Apple, Google, Amazon, Walmart, Visa, and MasterCard.

With XE, you can send money in 60 different currencies over 170 countries.

XE uses an independent company to make sure they have the best prices on the market, they offer great exchange rates without so much of a transfer fee, so you always know exactly what you’re paying. Transactions are fast and easy, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, be it on the mobile app or on the website, you always have the service ready to go.

The service is also secure, using Norton security, and being authorised by the FCA under the Payment Service Regulations 2017, for the provision of payment services.

Whether you're new to foreign exchange transfers and just want a cost effective simple, international payment service or you're looking to plan a more complex strategy, XE is here to cater to you.

It’s never been so easy to send money. You just need to set up your account online or over the phone: it is quick, free and easy. Then you just have to indicate how much you're transferring, which currency and who to send it to. Once the transaction has been agreed to, either online or over the phone, you simply have to the money and XE will do the rest.

You can keep up to date with the progress of your transaction online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. XE also send notifications via email and SMS so you know exactly where your money is.

Thanks to Trustpilot’s 5/5 stars rating, you can rest assured that millions over the world have been satisfied by the service before and your money is safe and will arrive where it needs to in the time it needs to.

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