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Since 2015, Shadow provides you with a fast gaming computer on any device. Really.

As in your phone, your tablet, your PC, your mac, can all host a Windows computer through an app. That’s what Shadow does for you.

A computer… on a computer? What is this, inception? A dream? No, this is a very real company. Shadow was founded by three French computer enthusiasts (and much more) who wanted to revolutionise the computer world in the face of obsolescence. And they did!

Basically, when you create an account, you get access to a full Windows computer, except it’s online. They handle all the complicated, heavy stuff from databases, and you can stream the audio and visuals simply from your computer, phone etc. through an app. They even made it possible to stream through 4g, in case your fingers are itching to get to the next level of your game when you’re on the move.

The minds behind this app give us a glimpse of what it’s like to want something and pursue it. Thanks to their ingenuity, you get to dive in and out of your technological worlds, without materialistic considerations such as your connection, the space on your computer, which device you want to buy, or being worried about having to invest a ton in a new computer to get the latest graphics.

With 70 000 users and an offer that spans 7 countries, Shadow has clearly hit a soft spot in the technology market. How cool is it to be able to have a computer for your professional life by day, and another one for your heroic life at night, all in one device?

Imagination meets technology with this innovative company, and it’s done for you, the gamers out there who don’t want to buy a new PC, but still want the latest versions of games. Even better, they promise to keep bringing you free updates of the app.

Their website has a community wall with pleased comments by customers that really seals the deal. It’s refreshing to feel that the main focus of this company is their user’s experience.

If you’ve got any more questions, they also explain the technicalities on their website (with graphs and things for those of you who aren’t entirely sure of what’s going on). And if you are entirely sure of what’s going on, you can even join their team, and join the revolution against money hungry PCs that keep degrading themselves with time!

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