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Bungie is a committed video game developer that’ll leave you wanting more.

They were created in 1991, with the purpose of making awesome, literally breath-taking games that combined great art, storytelling that’ll captivate you, and cool gameplay.

Over the past 20 years, they’ve created a couple of universes. There’s the Halo, Myth and the Marathon universe, each more complex than the last, in which you can explore and fight for freedom and against destruction. The graphics are very different each time, and you can really see how they’re committed to creating something special.

That’s not all. Their latest creation, Destiny, is out now. You can pre-order it on their website, where they’ve already created a whole world for you. You feel like you’re entering darkness when you scroll down and around the carefully made screens. They also have a trailer which’ll probably get your mouth watering.

Oh, and they even have cool comics, some of which you can explore online in great quality, for free. Of course, they have forum and groups for those of you who like to compare your experiences, and make sure the game is living up to its name.

They’re a company with good ethics, whether it is in their commitment to developing great games for their own sake, or in actions they do, for example through the Bungie Foundation. It’s only a tiny tab at the bottom of a page, but it brings you onto the portal that explains their engagement in providing entertainment to hospitalized children. They do so because they believe that technology can help children retrieve a sense of normalcy, entertainment and even connection with those they love, if they have access to appropriate technology.

For example, they provide age-appropriate IPads to kids in hospital facing stressful and frankly, scary situations. If used the right way, technology can help these children find a bit of relief, and who else but video game developers understand and see that?

Bungie is an all around excellent company, meeting its well thought out goals and creating its own path, with room for expression and help for those around them. The worlds they create are more than just games you buy, they’re created for you because you see their value.

Check out their website if you’re still not sure what to think, it’s got all the things you need to make your mind up about Bungie, and if they’re the right developers for you!

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