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Added on 21-06-2021

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Ready for an adventure? Final Fantasy XIV is waiting for you, to take you places you’ve never been!

Final Fantasy XIV is an online multiplayer game, where you engage on a mysterious quest, to deliver a land called Eorzea from an eternity of Darkness.

The Mothercrystal, which is the source of all life in this mysterious world, needs you to fulfil this quest for her. You’re not alone, as other players from around the (real) globe are there to help you out.

You can choose between different missions and jobs, and then be paired up with different people who chose similarly to you. There are three options: Classes and Jobs, Limit Breaks, and Dungeons and Primals, with different objectives and challenges.

You can personalize your house, clothes and character, and more! So that it really feels like a more mysterious alternative to the world we live in. What’s so cool about games like these is that everything seems so fantastical and out of this world, yet it’s all based on the world we actually live in, and how we choose or try to understand it. So through this game, you can test and break the limits of the fantasy world, and then come back to the real world to enjoy its normality a bit more… or on the contrary, understand better how strange and complex the world we live in actually is! It’s up to you, this is your adventure.

You have the option of buying the game straight away, or starting a free trial, to see if you like the graphics, storyline and gameplay. It’s an adventure you can choose to embark on, but beware once you’re in, this role playing game will bring you to your limits!

It’s the 14th edition of the game, so they’ve got experience on their side. The game has good reviews online, and overall just seems like the massive multiplayer game you know you want to try out… or complete, if you’re a next level gamer. What’s really cool is all the different characters and versions of the stories you can try out, so you don’t get tired of always playing in the same mode.

The Mothercrystal is waiting for you, go escape this world and live out adventures online! The real world will always be there when you’re done, waiting in all its complexity and splendor…

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