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eBags is an online retailer of handbags, luggage, backpacks, laptop bags, and travel accessories based in Greenwood Village, Colorado near Denver and founded in 1998.

The main website,, carries bags and accessories from more than 650 brands.

Jon Nordmark, Peter Cobb, Frank Steed, Andy Youngs and Eliot Cobb are five friends who decided to start their own company. With more than 50 years of combined experience in the luggage business and the help of Colorado’s famous pioneer spirit, they started a journey that would take them from a small startup selling just seven luggage brands to the #1 online retailer for travel bags & accessories. They have actually sold over 29 million bags by now. On May 5, 2017, Samsonite International, the global leader in travel luggage, completed its acquisition of, Inc. As a result of the acquisition, eBags is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsonite International.

The company was founded in Denver, Colorado, a place known for its adventurers and an autonomous and independent spirit. The founders explored the world of luggage and tried to find the best brands possibles by testing them tirelessly, to get only the best products for their customers. Each of their customers is an ambassador to the brand and they are completely devoted to providing you with a smooth journey your feedback is important to them. Together, they believe you can build a better platform.

They offer a student discount because everyone should be able to afford good quality travel equipment.

The eBags ambassadors will lead you to show how to make the most of your equipments and your trips. You have Mitch Summers, a filmmaker, travel photographer and fearless explorer, Matt Coppedge is a luxe traveler, a classic gent and a retiree, Benjamin Rascoe is a business traveler and a men's style blogger, Sandra Cottam mcLemore is a travel TV host and a cruise guru and finally Rachel Jones is a beach life blogger, a glam globetrotter and an India expert. All of your bases are covered there!

In their 20 years, eBags have accumulated 3,695,163 Reviews and 35,036,155 bags shipped. They have thus gathered a lot of press.

They offer you guides such as summer travels essentials, packing organization, travel handbags, how to clean your gear, lightweight luggage, must have carry ons, international travel necessities, cruise getaway, smart travel solutions, essentials for him and her, top laptop backpacks TSA regulations, and many more, for you to spend the perfect trip and be completely prepared.

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