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Get free credits (around 25$) when subscribing to Airbnb through me referral link. Once your subscription is finalize you will see the credit automatically added to your account. Airbnb is now a very famous service to book a room, a flat, a house easily at an optmized price. I find it parti ... See more

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AirBnB is a community platform to connect real estate renters, such as apartments, houses and people wishing to book a short or medium term stay.

Created in 2007, AirBnB has established itself as the market leader in the rental market between individuals or semi-professionals and has become an alternative to traditional hotel reservations. If you are looking for somewhere to stay anywhere in the world, this is the place to go.

The website is very well designed and easy to use. You specify the place of reservation as well as the dates of arrival and departure and then see what they have to offer. The site will then offer you a range of available rentals with many quality photos and a very clean description of the properties to rent. Reviews are also written by the tenants in order to have a good feeling about the experience they have had and therefore what you could expect.

If the list is too long you can apply additional filters such as min / max price, swimming pool or not, pets accepted or not, etc. to find the rental of your dreams. There are many settings out there that can make or break a vacation, so be sure to be precise.

AirBnB covers 191 countries! The use of the site is free of charge. When you pay for your reservation, the amount is debited by AirBnB, which returns the amount to the renter after having taken a commission at the same time.

AirBnB is therefore a remarkable tool to rent a property and often more interesting than a hotel, especially when you travel with your family with children and you have to rent several rooms. Renting an apartment via AirBnB is much more interesting in terms of price.

You can also choose to rent your own property on the platform. Many people round off their month end very clearly thanks to this possibility. You can rent only for a few days and not necessarily one or more months. If for example you are going on vacation, why leave your apartment or house vacant? You could rent it via Airbnb and thus finance other expenses. The site is also very reassuring since it offers 24-hour insurance for any damage as a renter or tenant.

If you are taking a vacation and are not sure what you want to do, make sure to check out the airbnb experience offers. They will have local guides organize activities for you according to your interests. It is an all encompassing experience thanks to them.

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