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FlixBus is a low-cost bus service around the world.

Started out in Germany in 2011, FlixBus has been offering intercity coaches, offering an alternative to unreliable carpooling and expensive trains.

With FlixBus, you can travel for just a few dollars.

Covering 69 destinations in the US, all of the major hub are covered by the FlixBus’ routes.

With FlixBus, you will arrive on time. Nine out of ten buses arrive exactly on time. They are comfortable, with large seats, a bathroom, wi-fi and power outlets: all of the amenities you might need during a long bus travel. The company guarantees you legroom and plenty of space. the seat have adjustable backrests and are ideal for long or night travels.

You can store your hand luggage in the overhead and drivers will be happy to assist your with your heavier luggage. Tickets generally include a carry-on and a travel suitcase. Many of the buses allow the storage of special items for a fee, including bikes. Walking aids and strollers can be stored on the bus for free, as well as musical instruments.

Low-cost drinks and snacks can be purchased on board. You can purchase them from the drivers. Combined with a free wifi service, you will not have time to get bored during your long journey.

Travelling with FlixBus brings about an extremely good carbon footprint per driven passenger-kilometer.

Carbon neutral travel is possible. If you tick the option of “CO2 compensation”, the CO2 emissions from your trip will be calculated based on the duration and distance of the trip. The calculated amount will then be automatically added to your ticket price. Your environmental contribution will approximately be 1–3% of your original travel price. Your donation is invested into a certified climate protection project in accordance to international environmental standards

The buses are extremely efficient in terms of carbon reduction. They emit a very low level of greenhouse gases. Thanks to the aforementioned option, FlixBus makes it possible to travel with no environmental impact.

Last year, FlixBus subsidized energy efficient stoves in Rwanda. These brought about a higher quality of life due to reduced costs and time required to procure firewood as well as an improved user lung function according to medical studies.

FlixBus is the perfect way to travel across the country, with a limited impact on the environment as well as on your wallet. With a comfortable setup and multilingual, helpful driver, brace yourself for your best journey across the journey yet.

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