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Square Off is the world’s smartest chess board.

You get to play on an automated chessboard. You can play against the AI or challenge anyone around the world and watch as the chess pieces move on their own.

The movements are automated. Powered by cutting edge robotics and sensor technology, the opponent's pieces move on their own.

You can play against board’s own artificial intelligence. You can pick from 20 difficulty levels of built in AI, from novice to a grandmaster!

The gameplay is connected around the world. You can play against anyone, anywhere! Connected by App, you get to challenge millions around the world and watch their moves, right on your board.

With the app, you get integration to, statistics about your game, a leaderboard, and a game history. It is available on Google Play and on the App Store.

It is the perfect toy to impress your kids with while playing a game that strengthen the brain. They will be in awe. The pieces move with extreme precision. It is a great learning tool, for the young as well as the older. It is a masterpiece that allows to replicate the feeling of playing on a normal board, a really unique feeling. The board automatically resets once you are finished. Square off comes highly recommended by tons of happy customers.

It was featured on the BBC, on CNet, the CNN, on Mashable, The Verge, The Huffington Post, Digital trends, Mashable, the Wall Street Journal, the Daily Mail, diGit, Digital trends, CCGTN, as well as on tom's Hardware and engadget.

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They offer free shipping, a 100% secure checkout, and hassle-free returns.

They offer multiple sets. The limited black edition is the cool kid on the block edition. It is minimally adorned and crafted in shades of dark carbon. The Kingdom set is the classic handcrafted with rosewood finish board. It is portable and compact. The Grand Kingdom set is designed with parking space for the pieces, they will automatically move back to their starting position, in just one click you are ready for the next game.

Features that make the board special are the robotic arm, the bluetooth low energy, the analyze tool, the fact that there's 23+ millions users available to play with, and of course, their handcraft and rosewood finish.

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