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MyGeekBox offers monthly subscriptions to boxes full of geeky paraphernalia, just for you!

You can choose between four different types of subscriptions. My Geek Box, the Kid’s Geek Box, the Geek Box Lite, and the IGN box. That way, you pay for what you want. My Geek Box Lite is the inexpensive option, you can get one for your kids and for you, or if you’re feeling lucky, their partnership with IGN to create a mystery box is a really cool concept.

From clothing to graphic novels to dioramas, they fill up your box for you and send it monthly. They create a lot of different boxes, so that you get rare items, and not the same ones as everyone else with a subscription. A mystery a month is a pretty good deal!

Their website shows their offer in detail, so you can find the exact poster you like, but also discover new things you didn’t think you’d get, and that’s the magical part. It’s so cool to be able to discover new worlds from the comfort of your own home. They even send their boxes at the beginning of the month, for the least patient of us.

Every box has a special t-shirt, in your size, for you. All you need to do is pick your subscription, create an account, and you’re off. Then you can easily take care of your orders and subscription, get in touch with customer service, and get updates and exclusive offers.

If you do have an issue with your mystery but also unpredictable box, like your shirt doesn’t fit right, you can always let them know. The subscriptions are also without conditions, so you can cancel any time, or only get it a few months a year.

The best part of this is the wide range of gear they offer. They have all the big names, like DC and Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, Nasa… their website is cool because it sets it all out for you, and you can browse easily. Every box also comes with a description card. Thanks to their licensing deals with big entertainment companies, the originality and quality of their products is on point.

All in all, MyGeekBox is perfect to get your favourite t-shirts, graphic novels figurines etc… but also get some you didn’t know you’d want or like! You can also compare your box with those your friends might get, since they’re all pretty unique. Subscribe and see what happens!

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Avis ajouté le 05-09-2019 - note attribuée au parrain bestman : 9 / 10

Thanks for the referral link - great job you rock !

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