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REFER A FRIEND OFFER DESCRIPTION is the ultimate cloud content platform for our digital age.

Box is an content management company that can address simple or complex challenges such as content sharing and file access from mobile devices as well as advanced business processes such as governance and data retention.

Started in 2005, Box has simplified the sharing of ideas and collaboration in a complete safety. Today, more than 41 million users and 85,000 companies, including 69% of the Fortune 500 companies, rely on Box to manage their content in the cloud.

Having files scattered across different tools, management systems and storage infrastructures, companies face challenges in securing their data, ensuring process compliance as well as keeping their teams in agreement. With Box, you can manage, keep secure, share and regulate all your content from a single space, for your internal and external collaborations or operations. And in addition, it connects to all of your apps.

With all of your files (notes, documents, presentations, videos, etc.) safely editable from the cloud, teamwork becomes child's play. You can invite anyone to collaborate, participate in exchanges or simply access the right files at the right time. You can edit authorizations at any time to ensure the security of your data. And since all content is grouped in one place, you no longer run the risk of losing a file and you are no longer forced to send your documents through email.

You can create or edit any file saved in the cloud from a shared and synchronized folder, as well as keep your team members informed (including those outside the company, such as agencies, strategic partners and distributors) with automatic updates if changes are made, and real-time reviews. You can also define actions to apply to files, and let the automated process manage your current tasks.

You can collaborate externally with whoever you want around the world, and easily manage access permissions even after sending links. Share large files and folders securely with a simple link or custom URL. Box also integrates thousands of different apps so you can work on any support.

Box also offers a consulting professional service. The team is here to help you transform your business. Box Consulting's mission is to help you unleash your full potential with Box, from successful deployment to more sophisticated technical integrations and adoption programs. Box has already shared their expertise to more than 5,000 customers, including Nike and IBM.

Box is the perfect work tool for many different kind of purposes, be it for individuals or businesses in various domains such as finance, sales, human resources, marketing, engineering, education, the public, or media and entertainment.

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