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Added on 28-07-2021

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Added on 28-05-2021

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Added on 29-12-2020

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How to win in life? Open Clipclaps!

Are you interested in making money without having to provide any efforts? Well, so is everyone else, so call us when you have found a solution to this basic problem. Or wait, actually, there might be something in store for you. Have you heard of ClipClaps? This fantastic app lets you watch videos and make money out of it.

ClipClaps works like the other applications of its kind. It is not just an app but a true community, where you will find laughs and friendships, on top of everything else. They offer the hottest short video content, with an infinite scroll consisting of all of the best videos from all around the world, selected by the million of users they have gathered already, from South America to Asia and everywhere else in between. It is such a quality feed because they base their algorithm on your response to the video, and crowdsource everyone else’s, in order to combine it and find all of the best videos catered to your interests.

Thanks to all of the amazing videos you watch everyday, you will be able to accumulate money on the app and exchange it for amazon giftcards or cold hard cash. The more videos you watch, the more money you can get of course. You get compensated for exactly the tile you spend on the app. It is a very fun way to get some pocket money, without needing anything more than your mobile phone and some free time. And also, it is fun and catered to your interests, so why say no...

Don’t be just a lurker. Watch and learn but start participating as soon as you get the hang of it. It is by producing that you learn the ropes and that you will become a better and better content creator each day. You can build yourself up to become a star, in just a matter of months. Transform your interest into a lucrative career! You know that online is where this kind of stuff happens nowadays.

It is the perfect community to start off and learn, get supported by an amazing community of like minded people, regardless of what makes your heart go boom. There are all sorts of people on there and you will discover new passions as well as adding skills to your portfolio.

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