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Backblaze is a data storage provider.

They offer two products: B2 Cloud Storage, which is an object storage service similar to Amazon's S3, and Computer Backup, which is an online backup tool that allows you, whether you are a Windows or macOS user, to backup your data in off-site data centers. The service provides unlimited storage space and supports unlimited file size.

They are a pioneer in robust, scalable low cost cloud backup and storage services, offering a range of service from personal online backup to enterprise scale data storage solutions.

They make cloud storage easy and low-cost. So far, they have allowed their users to store as much as 750 Petabytes stored and they count over 40 billion files recovered, a growing number.

They offer personal backup, which allows you to never lose another file again. Don't make a mistake and feel sorry for yourself and start backing up now! The Backblaze service also offers to locate your computer when lost or stolen, and have a hard drive shipped to your door with your data on it. It is an essential tool for any responsible computer user. You can download from the web from any computer and download your files in a zip file in a few seconds. If you need your data restored, you can easily get a usb stick or hard drive sent to you asap via FedEx and you can return it easily to get a refund. Your cloud is also of course accessible on mobile through the sleep Backblaze app, available on both iOS and Android.

Business backup offers a solution to ensure the backup of your company's data. It not only saves employees' computers but also your main server and NAS devices.

Finally, the B2 cloud storage offers the lowest priced enterprise cloud storage service on the market. Often referred to as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) or object storage, B2 Cloud Storage enables developers, IT people, and others to easily store mass volumes of data in the cloud. You can quickly scale up and down while only paying for your actual usage – no locked in fees. B2 Cloud Storage is similar to Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure storage, and Google Cloud Storage, but at a much lower cost. You can get a free 10 GB as soon as you create your account.

Backblaze publishes detailed information on the Storage Pod hardware, the Vault software, and the reliability statistics behind the hard drives it uses, so you know exactly what you are signing up for and how safe your data will be.

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