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Added on 30-11-2022

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Trusted House Sitters is for the ideal pet care solution for the pet lovers among us who also love to travel.

Your pets aren’t welcome to go everywhere you’d like to travel on holiday, and the options are scarce. A kennel could be affordable, but your pets feel better at home. Pet sitters are usually very expensive. Not anymore though! Thanks to Trusted House Sitters, you can quickly and easily find a fellow pet owner who understands your needs and is willing to come take care of your furry housemates when you’re away, for a reasonable price.

All you need to do is pay an annual membership, and you immediately gain access to a wide community of pet lovers with references, and comments from people who’s pets they’ve already taken care of. You can even plan your trips by creating an annual plan, with pictures of your pets and the dates when you want to leave and discover new places. Let your worries go, and come back to find your pets happy at home with a sitter!

Their website and app are very easy to use, and offer a bunch of services like an amazing free 24/7 Vet Advice Line, or a membership service team that are ready to help you out any time of the day or night. You pay once, but are taken care of throughout the year.

Not to mention their pet sitter reviews are super useful, and offer different categories of feedback like organised, reliable, self-sufficient, tidy and caring. You can give a 1-5-star rating, so it’s really easy to see which pet sitters will be perfect for you. While you’re enjoying a cocktail on the beach or a hike in the mountains, you can always check your app, and see if your pet sitter has posted any photos or updates of your little loved ones.

This company is really special because not everything revolves around money, and they understand that, along with users. Your pet sitters themselves own pets, and want to have a great time taking care of yours, not just make money from it. That’s why you can really trust them!

In the end, everyone’s a winner. Even vets around the world recommend this form of pet care. It’s a pretty flawless system! If you want to participate even more, you can always become a pet sitter yourself, and combine your love of travelling and of pets in a new way.

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