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Added on 12-01-2021

I'm intrigued about this app lots of friends are in it , I have a few friend passes but would like to try it myself, would appreciate very much if someone could refere me to increase my odds of getting in I understand that it's highly selective with its member and honestly I think I fit t ... See more

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Raya is a private, membership-based social network application for iOS.

It was first launched in 2015. The application was initially a dating app, but there were added features to promote professional networking for members of the entertainment industry.

They want to make their users feel privileged and have this process of meeting other people be in a safe space. They have strong values and want them to be an ethos for the community. They want you to meet someone and have this encounter be impactful on both of your lives.

The application as a multi-faceted process in order to join. That ensures that the community stays diverse and interesting. To join, you will have to agree to a code of conducts and be a respectful sport. If not, you will be removed immediately. The point of this safe space is that you are allowed to be yourself, more than anywhere else on the internet or on other social settings.

You can use the app to find new people to date but also to make new friends or network.

In order to apply, they ask you to imagine a scenario where you are at a dinner party with 10 people and who would be there and why. The environment is thus so special and allows you to have an interesting and respectful conversation. Then, how do you talk about your work, what you do, what makes you stand out as a creative or what you are an expert in. You have to see this through the lense of the other guests of the fictional scenario.

The community on Raya feels a sense of belonging, thus close relationships and mutual interests are important and you will need to get a referral to vouch for your application and make sure you are a valuable add on to the community.

The community is made up of people from many different walks of life, there are scientists, musicians, doctors, researchers, painters, all sort of purposeful occupations unite those people.

To be on Raya, there are a few immovable guidelines that are you have to be over 18 of age, the app is only for adults, they do not accept any hate, racism, bullying and bigotry. Lastly, they do not like to see you display excessive shows of wealth. They are interested in how you spend your time and what your intentions are.

Apply now to join the most inspiring of internet communities!

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