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Added on 14-09-2020

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Rakuten is a well known e-commerce site that belongs to a bigger Chinese group but encompasses a variety of companies.

The site first started selling records and books, just like Amazon, before expanding its offer to become a generalist site covering the categories of books, comics, music, Cdn DVD, Blue Ray, Video Games, Consoles, Telephony, Computers, Tablets, Software, Image, Sound, Home, Home Appliances, Decoration, Do-it-yourself, Garden, Pet Store, Sports, Leisure, Fashion, Beauty, Toys, Children, Car-Moto, Arts, Collections, and others.

Rakuten has become over time a real marketplace, ine where you might find everything that you need, at a bargain.The principle is that the site does not store or sell any of the referenced products. It allows professional or certified amateur sellers to put their products online to potential buyers. These sellers are responsible for delivery, after-sales service, etc...

They submit sellers to very strict specifications so that they comply with product quality and logistics commitments, particularly in terms of delivery times in order to respect those that the service posts on its site. Their promise is to offer the widest possible choice of items at the best possible price. You know that their selection is safe and that you will get what you need.

The interface of the site is very well studied, very intuitive, whether it is a question of finding a product through the search engine or searching for an exclusive promotion. For the sellers, the advertising of the ads is totally free. Rakuten just takes a small commission for the added value of promoting the ads they offer.

Among the innovations, we can note the possibility to pay online via credit card or paypal of course, but also via the credits that you may have obtained by selling your own products on the site, which can be interesting from a tax point of view because you spend the money you earn before paying it into your bank account!

If you are looking to buy or to sell, whichever it is, the best deals are on Rakuten. It is especially well known for its electronics departement but you can find all kinds of stuff out there, even the stuff of your dreams.

Get shopping right now or make money or just do both at the same time. Marketplaces from peer to peers are the way of the future. Find everything that you need in just one accessible and welcoming place!

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Avis ajouté le 26-07-2019 - note attribuée au parrain genius : 10 / 10

Great referrer - Great support - he answered quicky to all my questions.

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