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Use my code to get $/£100 off accessories when buying a peloton bike or bike+. I've had my bike for over a year now and it's amazing - highly recommend! And if you use this code I also get £100 towards some of their amazing apparel. Enjoy  ... See more

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Added on 17-06-2021

When purchasing, the person referred will receive $100 towards accessories at purchase.* You need the cleat shoes to use the bike and it can be used to purchase the weights, floor mats and clothing  A referral code can be used by anyone in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, or Australia*, ... See more

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5WZTW5 $200 OFF Bike or Tread Package use code 5WZTW5 5WZTW5 $200 OFF Bike or Tread Package use code 5WZTW5 5WZTW5 $200 OFF Bike or Tread Package use code 5WZTW5 5WZTW5 $200 OFF Bike or Tread Package use code 5WZTW5 ... See more

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Save £100 on the Peloton Tread, Bike & Bike+ Simply use the    Referral Code MVBZTC or KH6WXN at Checkout    Not Valid on Basic Package, Valid on Essentials, Works & Family Packages    Valid for Bikes purchased in the ... See more

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Peloton make indoor bikes or treads paired with on demand online classes, in live streaming!

Peloton have great reviews from USA Today, Men’s Health, and Good Housekeeping. These three all praise the effectiveness of the machines and the routines, that really whip you into shape. What’s their secret? Peloton aim to combine the engagement of indoor bike classes, which are a great workout because the teacher is there to guide you, and the practicality of being at home. Looks like they’ve succeeded! All the energy you can feel in the cycling studio will spread to your home thanks to this new use of technology.

In order to achieve their goals to the fullest, the engineers and designers that make up Peloton have created an extremely well designed bike. That way, you can integrate it to your room or your living room, because it is a beautiful object, and not just a bike. They’ve even made it so smooth and quiet that you could ride the bike while someone is sleeping. Although you probably won’t get around to doing that, it just shows how the bike is so perfect even for smaller spaces. This all forms part of the experience that comes with buying the bike.

When it comes to online classes, in live streaming, Peloton are also working very hard to make sure you get the best experience out of it. It’s true that it can be tricky to feel the engagement of a cycling studio through a screen, but they’re using technology to the fullest to make sure you do feel that pull to get in shape. You’ll feel the live experience of the class straight from their studio to your home, delivered in the best resolution and with talented producers, not just a recorder class that you can pause and download at any time.

You can forget about treading halfway across town to a spin class, and instead follow your cardio program and more, from the comfort of your own home. The first step is to choose whether you want the bike, or the tread. From there, Peloton give you a range of offers, depending on how you want to use your bike or tread. Right now, you even have the option of trying out Peloton classes for free for two weeks!

Last but not least, the range of classes they have is truly extraordinary. At any time, you can choose between thousands of classes to enter. Get a Peloton bike and your body will thank you!

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