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LillyPost sends you a box of children’s books every month, to you and your kids’ delight.

By sending you a box every month, with 3 or 4 books depending on what you choose, LillyPost helps you show your children the value of books, and of the moments spent reading them. Who doesn’t remember going to sleep while being comfortable in a parent’s or sibling’s arms, with a story slowly drifting into your ears?

They offer books for children from 0 to 7 years old, for prices lower than retail. They get delivered straight to your door, and are even gift wrapped for Christmas! Their website is so well designed and is just as cute as the books they sell. The message they’re trying to spread is not just that books are important, but also that they’re enjoyable for the whole family.

What’s more, you’re not just spreading the love of books to your own kids. For every box you buy, one book is donated to a child in need. It’s so important to learn through reading, it’ll help your children and other less fortunate ones to get through life with an extra card up their sleeve. How much easier is school when you like reading? That’s why this company donates books for each one you buy, and they’ve donated 50 000 already!

Books, books, books. When we grow older and more addicted to screens, it seems like they’re not really that important (to some of us), or on the contrary, they gain this whole vintage vibe. What about just normal books, that you read for your own delight, that get your mind whirring and spinning and imagining the images that are described? LillyPost is for those of you who want your children to grow up around books, to use them and love them even though video games are very cool too. Your 10-year-old child will probably agree, and unless they’ve known while growing up how different it is to read than to do anything else, what’s going guide them away from the screen and into lovely pages?

Books are amazing tools to introduce children to their own inner world, they’re a great excuse to spend some downtime with them, and what’s more, LillyPost books come to your door and surprise you every month. LillyPost is a great initiative, it’s wholesome and simple. If you’re not convinced yet, the parents’ reviews on the website will seriously warm your heart!

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