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Added on 28-09-2021

Rent and share Ccars or rent out your own car. You can find, book, and unlock cars with your Android or iOS device wherever and whenever you need them. Getaround is the leading global and digital carsharing marketplace. You will get a 15€ discount if you use the referral link. ... See more

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Getaround is an online car sharing or peer-to-peer carsharing service that allows you to rent cars from private car owners.

Getaround launched to the public in 2011 at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference. It is the future of carsharing. It was founded in San Francisco, hub of all of the latest and most innovative tech apps.

Thanks to the app, you can now instantly rent a car located near you. You can unlock a car just with your phone by the hour or the day. Whatever the occasion may be, you know that there will always be car available. Need to do an exceptional pick up at the airport? Go furniture shopping? Going on a daytrip? But you cannot afford the upkeep of a car and the parking in the city. The solution is right there laid out in front of you.

You can easily log into the app with your facebook or google account.

You can rent all sorts of cars: sedan and coupe, SUV and jeeps, wagons, convertibles, minivans, and even pickup trucks. They are available for any occasion. You can rent a truck but also you might very well rent a tesla.

You get instant access once you booked your car for the hour or the day. You can easily find whichever car you wanna rent through the app and unlock it immediately. All of the cars are connected so you just need your phone to unlock them.

There is no membership so you can keep worry free about your car access. There is no subscription or monthly membership fees, the app is open to all. You can just pay for the exact amount you need with your car.

The insurance is included in your booking so you can ride safely and know that you are covered and get 24/7 roadside assistance in case anything happens.

The verification is quick and easy after sign up so your access to the app is almost instantaneous.

Carsharing is an amazing solution that reduces not only the stress of parking but also the raw materials used in car manufacturing. It is not only good for the neighborhood but also the environment as a whole. Carsharing is so sustainable and combine it to carpool and other solutions and those are so many ways you can protect the planet.

The service is available in over 300 cities over the world.

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