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Imagine a world where you could earn some money by just unlocking your phone? That’s exactly what Fronto proposes!

Fronto is an app that you can easily download to help you get a little more money along the way just by unlocking the screen of your phone, something one does dozens if not hundreds of times a day!

Just by unlocking it, you’ll be earning redeemable points which you can then turn into cash, vouchers and more! You even get to know new products, apps and news along the way. You’re earning while learning, basically living the dream!

Get your phone the Fronto app today by downloading it straight onto your laptop or phone. Fronto has made the app easy to navigate and to set up, so you can start earning straight away.

Fronto will come up with different advertisements for various products on your locked screen. You’ll be able to choose what topics interest you the most, from fashion to technology all the way to coupons and new apps, so you get the content you enjoy and will be interested it.

It works by proposing you two options. First, you could swipe left, which means you want to know more about the product proposed to you and unlocking will take you to the products’ page. Or, you could swipe left and simply go to your home screen right away.

Either way, you get points for each! Either option earn you points every time you choose either one and all of these are redeemable for different things. You could convert them to PayPal cash, get Amazon gift cards or even get awesome coupons.

Operating since 2012, Fronto has seduced millions of people all over the world and 5 millions dollars have been redeemed already!

If you have any questions, you can refer to their product page, read their instructions on the app or see if their FAQ can help.

Fronto’s aim to simply make your phone ever better and more productive, as it literally works for you now! Micro-job apps such as Fronto have been a huge help for millions of people already, helping them buy their daily coffee and more to cut down on the cost of small pleasures while still getting to enjoy them!

Get your Fronto account today and start earning to start reaping the rewards, literally, tomorrow!

Turn a seamless action into a profitable one with Fronto!

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