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Deliveroo is one of the most developed players for the service of home delivered meals.

The service of online shopping and home delivery of meals has truly revolutionized the lifestyle of some city dwellers, saving them precious time on a daily basis.

It is very simple and accessible to everyone. Check out the Deliveroo website or app to have your meals delivered to your home. You just have to enter your delivery address, make your choice of restaurant among those available nearby, and make your choice of one or more yummy dishes! The Deliveroo network of partner restaurants is selected according to very demanding criteria to offer you only the best ones available. You can then specify the promo code of one of the sponsors you may have found here, you pay with your credit card for example and have your favorite dishes delivered in just under a half hour.

Deliveroo couriers are often seen criss-crossing the cities on bikes, scooters, with a backpack in fluorescent green colors with a kangaroo logo. The concept is very well executed, starting with the website, which is very easy to use. In a few clicks you will have already filled your basket and will be ready to pay with your discount code. Then the logistics are set up with the involvement of the couriers who from our own experience work very well. It should be noted that the Deliveroo application is also very ergonomic and easy to use, especially if you save your personal information on your account such as your favorite restaurants.

Everything is done so that you are reassured from the beginning to the end of your experience when you buy online. Once the order is placed (card payments accepted), you are notified throughout the process, when the restaurant accepts the order, when a courier has been appointed, the expected delivery time, and the trajectory of our driver, so you can know exactly when to be ready.

Of course, you can rate the quality of the dish that will have been delivered to you. This can be useful for other customers. With Deliveroo for business, if your delivery frequency is important, for a small fee, you can take advantage of the free delivery or use a deliveroo promo code.

The company is constantly innovating to stand out from the competition and for example offers sometimes delivery on things such as alcohol or breakfast / brunch. Take advantage of their very good and regular deals, starting today!

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