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Added on 07-01-2022

$6.25 On Your First Survey Free 3¢ Daily You Can Get 3¢ a day just by checking in plus survey and location rewards. Quick & easy survey app. With this app you take surveys, have goals and can cash out once you hit $25 to your PayPal. You can earn cashback as well. Daily surveys that ... See more

Added on 02-01-2022

Hi! Get paid to take surveys, online shopping, and checking in!  Download the Zap Surveys app right now for a guaranteed minimum of $6.00 on your first survey!   Try it and get a $0.75 BONUS!  I have been doing rewards since 2005.  Feel free ... See more

Added on 02-08-2020

Sign up for Zap Surveys with my referrer code for a free $0.75: MP92A490I2. Get the app at: Sign up for Zap Surveys with my referrer code for a free $0.75: MP92A490I2. Get the app at: Sign up for Zap Surveys ... See more

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Zap through surveys and earn money as you go, with a bonus: money is donated to charity for every survey you complete.

Zap Surveys is an app (strictly an app, there is no website) that allows you to complete surveys, and earn money for each one. The money you earn can be cashed out via PayPal, or you can choose to earn gift cards instead, from brands like Amazon. What’s more, money is donated to charities that fight against child hunger for every survey you answer.

The surveys are a few minutes long, and they each tell you up to how much you can earn before you start. Why does this app exist? Brands need your opinion and information about products and services they sell, but they also know that your time is worth money. With these apps, you can earn a little money while realising simple tasks, like answering surveys. At home or on the go, you can choose to answer a survey instead of playing a game or scrolling through social media, for instance. Of course, this app won’t replace your day job, but you can make a little cash on the side if you play your cards right.

An advantage of Zap Surveys is also that it gives you the option to cash out as soon as you earn $25, so you don’t have to spend your money through gift cards, which can be a bit constraining.

With Zap Surveys, you can also earn money by going to participating stores and simply being in them. The amounts are small, 0.25 cents, but they can add up quickly. That’s not all! When you download the app and complete your first survey, you earn $6.25, which is a fair incentive to get started. If you log in every day for 45 days after getting the app, you earn $0.75. That’s not a lot, but the effort you put in is minimal as well.

There are downsides to apps like these, because the individual rewards are extremely small, but when you think about it, you are earning money for doing practically nothing. So if you’re looking to earn a few extra bucks, off you go! Download their app, sign up easily using your email, and start making a little extra money in your spare time. $1 on your way to work and $1 on the way back every day can buy you a nice dinner or new headphones at the end of the month!

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