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Want to escape for a few nights and get a great deal? Travelzoo’s got an option for you.

They’ve got thousands of travel deals on their website, including flights, spas, hotels… You’re sure to find something that suits you among the getaways to Vienna, or beach resorts in Florida. What’s more, they’re package deals, so no need to worry about booking different flights, combining it them with hotels, and comparing everything to make sure you’re not spending too much. Travelzoo, and the companies they recommend deals from, do it for you!

Their website is super easy to use (and by the way, the pictures on there are amazing, they’ll make you want to pack your bags straight away). You can simply browse through featured destinations, like Las Vegas, or Ireland, or look through cruises, resorts, or their top 20 destinations. Even better: European vacations, beach vacations, sports and adventure, family… they’ve sorted it all in neat categories that’ll tempt you instantly. They have a lot to offer, but you won’t get lost… unless maybe that’s what you’re looking for.

You can sign up with your email address for free, and get the best deals sent straight to your inbox! (Yes, for free). They also have an app, so you can browse easily from your phone, and get updates on there. The app features a map with deals for restaurants, hotels, and other things you might need around you, no matter where you go.

If you’re not convinced yet, or dream of travelling but just don’t have the time or funds at the moment, they have stories on their websites that describe some of the experiences that their recommended deals provide. You’ll probably start saving up ASAP.

Through Travelzoo, you can finally afford wine tastings, cruises, fjords, Miami, Europe, Asia... anything and everything, right at your fingertips, and for good prices. Do you need anything else?

Oh yes. Every deal posted on there is reviewed by experts, through their Test Booking Center. To please their 28 million members worldwide, they need to make sure all the deals they post are the best deals from the best companies. They are also independent in their reviews, and don’t recommend deals that they wouldn’t book themselves. They publish offers from more than 2000 companies worldwide, and have 25 offices, just to make sure you get the best deal and enjoy your trips fully! Now that’s dedication.

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