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File your federal taxes digitally and smarter with TaxAct.

TaxAct is an IRS and State approved website which helps you file your tax directly online. With their prepared solution forms, you can sit back and relax as their specialized programmers and accountants do all the work.

Available for all, from basic needs to some of the most advanced, TaxAct has seduced the many with their swiftness, great guarantees and awesome global service. Get your taxes filed better this year with TaxAct!

TaxActs proposes a range of products, depending on what you need. Some of their products are available online and some have to be downloaded. Depending on your situation and needs, TaxAct has put in place different plans for you to choose from. If you have dependents or if you’re single, if you own a home or if you’re a freelancer, they’ve got something for everyone.

For every kind of tax, they’ve made available the specific forms you’ll need too. Whether that’s for your business, estates or you’re looking for a home and business bundle, they’ve got it all.

You can check your statuses on your returns at all times, for your e-files and IRS. TaxAct provides a wide range of tools too to help you calculate and figure out what’s everything to you. Tax calculators as well as a self-employment one are available or get to know your tax system even better with their informational pages.

TaxAct allows you to get started on your filing as quick as possible and has an average return time of 10 minutes! And if your situation is a bit more complex and requires a bit more time, you’ll still be getting it faster than anywhere else.

TaxAct has calculated its’ return average to be comparatively better than its’ competitors’ and they can prove it! Head to their website to see how much you could be saving.

TaxAct has an accuracy guarantee as well as a maximum refund guarantee and when you’re all signed up, you’ll be able to have free account support and seven years of access to your return.

Sign up and start your plan for free with TaxAct with your best suited product and see the change in your tax filing experience immediately.

TaxAct has been changing the tax life of so many people, don’t wait to be a part of it too!

Get your tax right with TaxAct!

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