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Get your mindful energy back again with the help of Soji Energy.

Soji Energy comes from the Zen community and spiritual practice. They seek to empower your sense of wellness, mental and physical health through mindfulness. To find beauty, compassion and health in yourself and thereafter others, Soji Energy can help you become more connected.

Soji Energy creates positively energized water bottles with specifically selected crystals to help your hydration become more than just water intake.

Soji Energy creates water bottles with a selection of crystals that suit different needs and concerns. From Amethyst to Obsidian, you’ll be able to choose from a range that is always carefully selected from the experts here at Soji.

Wherever you’re going, your special Soji bottle will accompany you and travel everywhere, wherever your lifestyle takes you. The energy from your chosen crystal will help your everyday life become more nourished with it and replenish daily life with a dose of mindfulness.

For every type of water bottle available, you’ll be able to learn about it through the description on its’ page including its’ healing properties and how it will deliver its’ energies. You’ll get a list of the bottle components as well as its’ size and the volume it can hold.

You’ll also be able to find a care guide for each bottle, although everyone has a different way of caring for their crystals of course! All of the reviews from each over the moon costumer can also be viewed, so you can see for yourself all the good it’s done to so many people already.

You can find the Soji community on social media such as Instagram and Facebook where they regularly update their costumers’ and Zen community. You’ll find news of their new products, what they’re up to and general Zen atmsophere.

Soji not only betters the life of their costumers but they also help to lighten the social load. They’ve recently partnered up with Water is Life to contribute to ending the water crisis.

For every order within the US, they are usually dispatched within 48 hours and received under 5 business days. Soji has one of the best costumer services out there and if you have any issues, they’ll be more than happy to help you.

You can get in contact with them through their online form, they’d love to hear from you!

Get your energies alined with Soji.

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