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The gym craze getting you down with an over-busy schedule and no time to work on those crisp abs? Slendertone’s got your back.

Slendertone is one of the EMS, electrical muscle stimulation, leader in the world today. Coming straight from Ireland, Slendertone has been conquering the planet with their cutting-edge EMS products over the past fifty years, with the likes of celebrities using their products to strengthen their core.

Using FDA approved tech, Slendertone is redefining (literally!) the gymming and exercising landscape and is waiting for you to try it out for yourself! Lend your abs to Slendertone belts and let them do the work for you!

Slendertone’s belts use tech that’s been researched in approved labs for decades. They’ve now come out with approved innovative gear that could genuinely change your life! You can wear the belt anytime, anywhere, whenever it fits best within your day!

From their online shop, you’ll be able to see every product they’ve developed, which one will suit you best depending on your needs and expectations. You can get their timeless ab belt, which does the job 100%.

Their latest tech involves a smarter pack or an app connected belt, which allows you to have control and keep track of your progress directly on your phone!

All the belts are seamless, so you can wear them at anytime, even under your clothes! With multiple levels of toning strengths, an easily rechargeable battery as well as reminders and motivation notifications, Slendertone’s tech will be there to help you reach your goals, every step of the way!

All products come with a two-year warranty and you have a 60 day Money Back guarantee just in case, although we’re sure you won’t have a use for that! Delivery is regular and you can get it tracked too.

You can read more on the benefits of Slendertone and the medical expertise it was built upon on their website. Their authenticated costumer reviews are also available online, so you can see how it’s changed other people’s lives too!

If you have any queries, their FAQ page is very comprehensive and will surely answer any question. Otherwise, they’d love to hear from you at the provided contact details.

Treat yourself to a whole new tummy with medical innovative tech right at home and see real results in just a few weeks.

Those abs are just waiting to get toned!

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