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PastBook creates an awesome photo album for you, simply and easily!

It can be a real hassle to try and make a photo album each year, but it’s such a shame to miss out on winter evenings where you look through photos from five or ten years ago, and see how much has changed. Or fall on an old photo album your parents never showed you, dust it off and settle for an afternoon of reminiscing, and feel like you’re time travelling.

When time slips through your fingers, PastBook is a good way to get it back. This online platform creates a personalized photo album for you, based on the pictures from a social media account of your choice. You don’t have to worry about asking all your folks to send you pictures anymore! Or if you weren’t doing it before, maybe you’ll reconsider getting photo albums done regularly.

They have great reviews online, citing the design of their books, the quality of their images and paper, how fast and easy it is to create a book, how quickly it arrives to your door… What else is there? Their costumer service is really helpful as well, and all in all they’re doing their job undoubtedly well.

PastBook is fantastic because memories are super important to a lot of us. Photos are a great way to keep them alive, and getting photos printed lets you share special moments with your family or friends, where you can go over special moments together. It’s just not the same over a screen!

Their system works quite well because on the one hand, they create the book for you, with pictures from a social media account. On the other hand, you can pick and choose the pictures you want to keep, which ones are more important to you, and so on. In the end, you get a personalized photo album, without the effort it usually takes to bring together all the pictures you want, get them printed etc.

They also have an app, to make things even easier! Their prices are reasonable, and their website is well made and easy to use. They explain the whole process in 3 easy steps, just a few clicks and you’re off! It’s also a great gift for friends and family…

So if you’re ready to time travel for just a few bucks, in HD quality and with pictures you wouldn’t even have thought of putting in, go make your PastBook for 2019!

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