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Notion is a note-taking and collaboration app which integrates tasks, wikis, and databases.

It is an all-in-one workspace for note-taking, project management and task management. The app is available on all platforms and can also be accessed through your browser so you can have access to your projects at any time, anywhere!

Avoid dispersion and using many different apps and platforms. Thanks to Notion, you can focus on the task at hand and easily share and create content with your collaborators or solo. It is perfect to get organized and get into the workflow. Whether you are part of a team or just an individual, the app will greatly improve your efficiency by regrouping all that you need in one place, with sleek design and great support. You will be able to do everything your heart desires, from docs to tasks to sheets and to do lists.

The app was endorsed by many different publications and public figures. It was featured on the Wall Street Journal and is used by CEOs of some of the most famous startups. They appreciate its structure, simplicity and connectivity. So get rid of the unnecessary app and get everyone on the same level.

The app supports over 30 media types and is the perfect tool for a knowledge base. It can also serve as a kanban board, a calendar, as well as a host for your lists. Spreadsheets and databases fit into the app just as well. They feature demos of workflows so you can have an idea of how ergonomic it is to use the service. It brings the focus you've been needing all along to accomplish your projects. With a light interface, easy keyboard shortcuts and drag and drop, it's never been so easy to get into it. The sync option allows you to work across devices and offline, all over the world, whatever the conditions.

It is available on both Mac and Windows as well as iOS and Android. You can also integrate the app with slack so you get all of the latest updates that are crucial to your work. You do not need to use multiple apps anymore, all of the functionalities that you need are embedded in one app. It powers project trackers as well as docs and you can also embed external apps such as Figma and Google Sheets if needed. Sign up today to try a new way of working better.

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