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Nordgreen allies keeping track of time with style, grace and connection.

Nordgreen is the new Scandinavian watch artisan that is taking over the watchmaking world by storm. With a focus on quality and affordability, you’ll be swept off your feet by their sleek and timeless designs as well as attractive price tags too.

Wanting to connect watch wearers with more than time, Nordgreen strives to make their products sustainable and socially-effective. Incorporate the Scandinavian lifestyle in your day-to-day with Nordgreen: enjoying time has never looked so good.

Nordgreen’s two founders have a minimalist style with a great attention to details. Their final products reflect those tastes! Designs are sleek and neutral, adaptable to all outfits and all kinds of days.

For both men and women, every collection reflect the universe they’re wanted to recreate in their designs. Find the world that you’d like to spend time in to keep track of your time!

Each selection is divided in select categories. You’ll be able to find the bestsellers that have conquered the hearts of many. You’ll also be able to see the latest additions to their existing collections as well as their named collections.

Whether you’re feeling starry or philosophical, you’ll find something for yourself here. You can refine every search with filters such as price, color, collection and many more. Every product page contains multiple angled pictures of your future wrist accessory as well as its’ general features and price.

You’ll find a clear description of its’ design as well as the idea and emotions that went into making it come to life. You’ll be able to choose your size, color and read other costumers’ reviews before popping buying.

Most designs have interchangeable straps so you can play with the look of your current case at your leisure. You’ll find all types and colors of their strap designs in their specific category online.

Every order matters to Nordgreen, for your contentment as a costumer as well as for the social responsibility as consumers of today. That’s why they’ve put together a program to donate money for a cause of your choice for every order at the checkout. Give back while you treat yourself!

Delivery within the US is swift and free, though if you have any further query, their FAQ page is comprehensive but they’d love to hear from you too!

Find time for quality at Nordgreen.

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