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If you’ve been looking to buy amazing art and design gifts, Minted is the way to go.

Minted is a marketplace for every kind of independent artist, from graphic designer to homeware creator. They’ve designed an e-market to encourage creativity and freelancers by proposing different ideas periodically and get them voted to sell the most-liked.

This way, the authors and the buyers get the best out of their work and everyone’s happy. You can find anything from stationary to gift ideas here all the while supporting local and international creatives!

Get the most gorgeous and one of a kind products right here at Minted. If you’re an art and design lover, this will be your dream buying destination for sure. You can choose from dozens of categories depending on what you’re looking for and what seduces your eyes!

In their stationary, you’ll find everything from back-to-school ranges to parties and occasion products all the way to greeting cards, wedding invitations and gender announcement parties!

If it’s decorative art you’re looking for, look no further. You’ll be able to decorate every kind of wall with fine art prints all the way to children’s art and murals. If you’re looking for something specific, get their custom art!

For any gift-requiring event or just to spring a little happiness around, take a walk around their gift shop with millions of ideas and products to go around for every kind of person and taste.

Your home needs a little color sprucing up? Their home collection will ravish you with elegant or funky designs to add the most beautiful decor to your every room.

They also have website building expertise for any event or need. Minted has a special section for your special day. Come to them with your wedding dreams to make them come true! If you want something especially for your little one, Little Mint is going to become your number one stop for all things cute and children appropriate.

For every product, you’ll be able to find all the details and description of the work as well as a bio of the artist. You can choose the size, color and layout if applicable when ordering.

Don’t wait another second to find your dream beautiful everyday and occasion products right here, all beautiful and curated by art lovers like you.

You can trust Minted to find the mint products!

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