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Feel how beautiful your body is when you wear Marlies Dekkers’ designs.

This designer lingerie brand originated from Marlies Dekkers vision of women. The Dutch designer knows women to be beautiful, and she wants women to feel that way. To quote her: “You are as beautiful, as sensual, as desirous… as you believe yourself to be.” This positive and true message is being passed on through her audacious designs, and through her brand in general.

The vision behind the brand is truly inspiring and refreshing. Marlies Dekkers sees a body like a tree, who accumulates rings and grows as time goes by. The passing of time shows experience and the accumulation of knowledge, just like in a human body, where the family DNA is passed down. Not everyone will look the same, some will be shorter, others taller, some thinner and some fatter. In the end, all bodies are amazing. Marlies Dekkers’ lingerie is meant to make people understand and see how beautiful their body really is. A garment as discrete as lingerie can really make a difference in people’s self-confidence and how they see themselves.

More importantly, the discourse around lingerie, the images vehiculated, can really affect how women see themselves. With this designer brand, women’s image of themselves is at the centre stage. This lingerie is made for them to feel beautiful, not just to look it. Marlies Dekkers is encouraging women to love and show their body in her wonderful designs.

As she says herself, Marlies Dekkers, designs 15%, and the remaining 85% is the body. Wearing these designer lingerie garments is a form of self expression, like so much in fashion. Except here, it is at the same time intimate and public, since your self confidence is perceptible to others, but solely you can choose who sees you wearing the Marlies Dekkers essentials.

All in all, Marlies Dekkers is looking to frame your beauty through her designs. You, with her lingerie, make up the design. If you’re ready to feel beautiful and valued, head to her website and hear her describing her brand. Of course, you don’t need beautiful lingerie to feel beautiful, but if you can treat yourself, it certainly won’t hurt! All her designs are meant to accentuate and play with the shapes of your body. Choose Marlies Dekkers’ lingerie and explore facets of your body under a new, shining light.

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