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I Want One of Those is an online retailer offering a selection of homeware, toys, accessories, but also, adventures!

It was founded in January 2000, right at the turn of the millenium.

If you are looking for the perfect last minute gift, this is the place to go. You can get next day delivery by ordering before midnight! But that’s not even talking about the amazing selection this site has in store for you.

I Want One of Those has many different sections. They offer clothing, toys, tech, gifts, and home products. They have a 3 for 20 section and lots of other deals. They also offer some other categories to help you browse. There is a trends section, currently filled with the festival season, the 80s, space, the NASA, and the 90s.

If you are lucky, there might currently be some kind of discount code you can use on your order today!

The buyer’s top picks include the iBeani iPad, tablet and eReader bean bag stand, the portable BBQ grill, a doodle duvet cover with 10 wash out pens, a rainbow shaped doormat, an avocado pinata, naughty party balloons, and more.

They offer everything you could ever dream of for a funky home! home accessories, soft furnishing, wall art and wallpaper, door mats, home fragrances, etc.

Their offer 3 for 20 allows you to really stock your home or get a gift for yourself and for a friend for a really cheap price. They have all sorts of items in this category.

They have a special gift section allowing you to search for the gift for the right occasion: gifts for him, her, kids, mom, dad, your partner, etc. They offer a selection of cards for every occasion: birthdays, christmas, halloween, father’s day, mother’s day, and valentine’s day.

Their adventure experience section is very special. For very reasonable prices, you can offer some quite unique experiences to a loved one. Dumper truck racing, sliding at the Arcelor Mittal Orbit, quad biking, clay shooting, supercar blast plus high speed passenger ride, paintball, Thames jet boat rush, a zombie escape room experience, a land away double flying session, at night in a hobbit hole, military vehicle off road driving, all of that can be accompanied by photos and refreshments.

They are always looking for ways to improve so do not hesitate to contact the customer service if there is something on the site that you think is missing or some other way that you wish the service would improve.

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