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Hyperoptic is one of the most advanced broadband providers available.

Discover Hyperoptic and get ready to make the shift! Hyperoptic stands out from the many other internet providers by providing some of the fastest broadband around to most of the UK’s population. It runs on its own special network in order to get you the fastest and smoothest internet, the kind you would want to have this year.

So many people have already adopted Hyperoptic, in your country and beyond, thanks to their amazing service as well as customer support.

Hyperoptic has powered up their internet with their own network which means fast and constant speed for you. You can even test your own speed with your provider at the moment compared to what you’d get with them. On average, they’ve found their internet runs about 18 times faster!

All of this you will be getting for the same price. You can get different plans, you can even couple it with a phone plan. The Mb rate is what you pay for here, starting at 30Mb all the way to 1Gb.

This is the only feature that differs. Otherwise all plans are for a 12 months engagement, they all get the same quality of customer support, they all have a router included in the offer. You can choose your offer depending on what you need and how you use the internet at home.

On top of all this, you can not only enjoy the speed of Hyperoptic in your own home, but at work too! Hyperoptic works with businesses as well as owners and developers to bring the 21st century broadband quality to everyone!

Rates for businesses and more are decided depending on speed, whether you’re wanting business phone plans added to it and if the lines are leased or not. Check out their website to discover how you can bring Hyperoptic to work for better efficiency.

To start, at home or otherwise, you can check directly on the website if your area is covered by Hyperoptic. Once you’re good to go, you can start on getting the best internet provider out there!

As an award-winner and loved by all of its customers, Hyperoptic works hard to bring all of its clients the very best of services, from internet provider to problem solver. For any questions, refer to their FAQ or get in touch, they love to help! Discover the new internet surfing experience with Hyperoptic.

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Avis ajouté le 26-07-2019 - note attribuée au parrain genius : 10 / 10

Great referrer - Great support - he answered quicky to all my questions.

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