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Hive is one of the largest trademarks producing smart home devices.

By using the Hive app and website, you can control a range of internet-connected devices, from a thermostat, to lights, smart plugs, motion sensors, and window and door sensors. Hive makes it very easy for you to control all of the parameters of your home at any time, including planning in the future for you. It is so convenient for someone busy and on the go. You can set up the perfect temperature for you to get home to and generally just have a very smart home.

In addition to controllers, you can buy cameras. With the Hive Video Playback membership, you can check 30 days of camera footage. There is a wide range of other home security devices.

With Hive, you can get cosy in just a few clicks. Dim the lights, adjust your heating, and you are ready for the end of your evening. You can also always be alert when you are out of the house by setting up your Hive view system with the motions detector. Lastly, you get to control the temperature and save money on heating by turning it off when you are out of the house. You can calculate your estimated savings on the Hive website already and get convinced. And all of that you can manage from your smartphone. It is incredibly easy.

Thanks to the Hive Plug, you can turn on and off any of your devices from anywhere. The Hive Hub connects all of your Hive products.

Smart lights let you control your lights from your phone, you can change the tone or colour of the bulb, dim the lights or turn lots of lights off in one go.

Smart home devices are convenient, and can help keep you connected to your home wherever you are, they can help you to save energy and money, and some products are designed to give you peace of mind when you’re out and about, like the smart sensor which notifies you when a door or window is opened. All you need is an internet connection, a smart home device and hub, and the app. You do not need to be an expert in anything.

Hive has been featured very positively on reviews such as Wired’s, Wallpaper’s, and Engadget’s.

Hive has a great score of 7.6 out of 10 on Trustpilot.

Start your smart home now with Hive!

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