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Grubhub is the leading food delivery company in the United States, connecting you, hungry diners, with thousands of local takeout restaurants.

They are available in over 2,400 cities in the United States (and London!), where you can order from more than 125,000 takeout restaurants. Suffice to say, you’ll find something in your city, or near you. On their app, you can choose from restaurants around you, or search through different categories: type of food, restaurant name, or even menu item. Remember that chili you had a few weeks back, but can’t remember where it was from? Grubhub can probably find it for you. So, what is it going to cost you?

Grubhub don’t set their own delivery fees, they leave that task to the local restaurants. Overall it hovers between $4 and $8, depending on the amount you order, and the distance. It is a reasonable price, and when you get their app, you also get access to exclusive perks. Once you’ve found the perfect dinner or lunch (or breakfast!) on there, you can either call the restaurant straight away and put your order in, or order through the app, as you prefer.

Exclusive perks? What does that mean? That’s for you to find out, but they do give a hint on their website: you can discover new deals and restaurants around you, and save up some bucks on the way. For the food lovers among you, you know how great it is to explore the local restaurants around you. Now, you can try them out with friends at home, or on a rainy day even when you don’t want to go out!

Grubhub has many competitors, as food delivery services flourish everywhere. The advantage with Grubhub is their price, first of all. With them, you’re sure to get the best bang for your buck! Second, they deliver from local restaurants in thousands of cities, so you can turn to them if some of their competitors that work really well in big cities don’t expand to your town. Finally, you earn extra perks and deals with them, which isn’t the case for every food delivery service company!

All in all, Grubhub is the friend of hungry diners all over the United States. They’ll be your friend too, next time you’re hungry and thinking of ordering but everything seems too expensive… Download their app and enter the world of good food and exclusive perks!

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