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FatFace are a high quality clothing brand that makes great clothes for you and your family.

Dresses, cute summer tops, shorts, or shirts, sweatshirts, and swimwear: FatFace has it all, in refreshing colourful tones, and a stylish cut. The brand originated from two mountaineers selling their clothes in the French alps (a long time ago), and has moved on to the global market. Their high quality clothes designed in the UK are made with care, to accompany you every day. They’re proud of their attention to detail and it’s reflected in their online offer.

On their website, you can flow seamlessly through collections and new arrivals. Their pictures are refreshing and will make you want to get comfy with your family in your new sweater, or go out for a new adventure … whatever it is, you’ll be looking good!

They source their cotton respectfully and support local communities via a foundation, and even have a sustainability plan which they launched in 2016. In particular, for those of us worried about the ice caps melting, they’re making efforts to reduce their carbon footprint through LED lights and brand new eco-friendly distribution centres, as well as recycling more. It’s all explained in detail on their website, and all these are key elements to a high quality brand in today’s world.

Their shipping is at a reasonable price, and they offer free returns in case something doesn’t suit you. Basically, they care about their costumers and that’s visible not just through the high quality clothes they offer, but also through their costumer service and all the effort they put into their website and user community.

They even have a blog with stories that give insight into different kinds of materials, why linen is great for example, or how a print was designed, or how a collaboration with another brand came about. It’s awesome to see a brand putting value into their clothes, and not just selling them off in the biggest quantities possible. You can also share your favourite ice-cream picture with them, and try to win a huge gift card!

Interesting story: they’re called FatFace because of a ski slope in the French alps that the founders particularly liked, called “La Face”. The founders, in 1988, wanted to live without having to work, so they decided to print and sell t-shirts at night, and ski during the day. It’s a cool story, and so are their clothes. They’re perfect for getting active and having fun. What are you waiting for, get out there!

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