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Added on 07-04-2024

Evernote is a mobile app designed for note taking, organizing, task lists, and archiving. The app allows users to create notes, which can be formatted text, web pages or web page excerpts, photographs, voice memos, or handwritten "ink" notes. Notes can also have file attachments. Notes can ... See more

Added on 17-09-2021

When you create a new Evernote account via a referral link, you get your first month of Evernote Premium for free. The referrer gets 10 “points” for each of their first 3 referrals who sign up, install the Evernote app on a computer, tablet, or phone, and sign in. After that, they get ... See more

Added on 12-07-2021

Evernote Premium - - Get one free month of Evernote Premium when you use my referral link. Evernote is an app that allows you to work from anywhere, stay in ... See more

Added on 28-09-2019

Get a free month on Evernote when you subscribe using my referral link below : Just copy / paste the link in your browser and here you go ... See more

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Evernote is the tool for individuals and businesses alike, building one home for all of your projects.

Evernote was created to speed the creations of ideas, to aid the formation of projects and to help every step of the way to help everything come to life. Evernote is a base where you can take notes yes, but it’s much more than that. Every functionality included in the product is designed to help you work more efficiently, better and faster, everyday.

One of Evernote’s basis ideas is for everything to stay connected, as if an extension of the brain. Everything you work with can be integrated into your Evernote system, so you can access and build upon it every time.

For their lead feature, the note taking functionality can be completely adapted to your needs, depending on what you’re using it for. Personalize every note or find the one that will suit that your business model to a T.

They synchronize themselves smoothly between with your different devices. Have them at the ready no matter what you’re working on. Whether you’re looking for your grocery list at the supermarket or your speech at a work event, they’ll be there, waiting to shine.

Evernote lets you search through every document loaded, for a word of a phrase. And that’s whether it’s a PDF or a manuscript file. Not bad.

Evernote also includes being able to save content from internet straight onto your account. Organize your account your way with their flexible managing logistic. Separate, categorize and simplify your Evernotes by labeling all of your different files.

You can also scan any paper document straight from your phone onto your account and it will directly transform into a PDF like file. With Evernote, you can keep everything in one place, so that every component can work together to create the big idea.

Of course, Evernote was built so it could be used individually and together interchangeably. A team can easily work together on one project together through a shared Evernote account, from wherever they are.

Evernote is available as different kinds of membership, from a free basic plan to a fully loaded and functional business one. Depending on what features you need and the use of it, Evernote has something for everyone.

Get your Evernote account today and start working towards your big idea of tomorrow, with a little help from Evernote.

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