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E-Trade is an online banking service founded in 1982.

Thanks to their services, you can make informed decisions about your money and learn how to make more of it by investing and knowing exactly what you are doing.

They have a two minute explicative video in order to teach you about trading. Then you will be able to explore brokerage accounts with an informed mind.

You can get up to $600 plus 60 days. They have commission free stock and options trades for deposits and transfer of $10k or more.

You can put your money to work in stocks, bonds, ETFs and mutual funds. You can even explore options and futures.

Everything is available online and is easy to manage thanks to the apps and the one account.

They offer all sorts of account types according to every need. They have investment and retirement accounts as well as brokerage, IRA, small business and bank options. You can also opt in for the customized managed portfolios and leave the investing to them.

If you need any help, you can get real support from real people. They do not talk in jargon, they offer clear and objective guidance that is easy for you to understand. You can use live chat to quickly connect and resolve any questions you may have. They also have over 30 branches across the country if you want to meet one-on-one with a Financial Consultant. If you start investing today you will pay $6.95 per stock and options trade, plus 75¢ per options contract. Make 30+ trades per quarter and pay just $4.95 per stock and options trade, plus 50¢ per options contract.

E-Trade was born in the early 80s through the encounter of physics and invention. It paved the way for street investors to control their own investments online without the need of a human broker.

They are committed to investing in communities through non-profit partnerships, employee volunteer work, and corporate contributions. It is not all about money but also giving back.

Their areas of focus include: workforce development and job readiness, micro-loans, small business development and support, the creation and preservation of affordable housing, technology for infrastructure development, and more.

They host regular events and presentations so you can learn more and connect with fellow investors.

You can also connect with the community on all of the usual social medias, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Instagram.

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