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Design Pickle is a really cool graphic designer platform, who guarantee an unlimited, high quality service for a flat monthly rate.

They’re the world’s best at what they do. From digital to print to infographics, they have what your business needs to take its aesthetic to the next level. They create professional, attractive and intriguing designs, depending on what you ask of them. Their website is clear and easy to navigate, and their client reviews are pretty awesome.

What really matters to them is that you’re satisfied with their service, which is why they offer you unlimited edits included in their flat monthly rate. It’s a great way to sell their designs, because it’s true that it can be complicated to reach an agreement between you, who knows what you want for your business, and them, who have the expertise you need to achieve your ideas, and complement them.

You can browse their website to see their portfolio, they’ve worked with so many different people! Their designs range from cool restaurant menus, to amazing covers for CDs or DVDs, or event posters… The diversity of their offer is super impressive, and the finished results really show how much energy and skill they put into their work. From their website, it really feels like they’re passionate about what they do, and they bring that passion to your business’ image!

Their blog has really cool articles about how to get organized, guides to marketing, strong brand identity… They’re not just here to quickly design something. It’s obvious they want to help you reach your full potential. They’re basically a really high-quality company looking to deliver the best service… at a reasonable price!

On top of it all, they’re super welcoming: whether it’s their website homepage, their blog which I just mentioned, or their “Meet the Team” page which is super complete, they’re seem eager to get to know your business and its needs, and for you to meet them.

If you’re looking for professional, experienced and committed graphic designers, they’re exactly that. Their core values of being friendly, smart-working, honest and to give the best service are well needed in general. You’ll get your money’s worth, for sure, and much more.

So if you’re looking for a cool new website, a poster for an event you know will work out great, a cover for the speaking in public CD you’re ready to put out: they’ve got your back, and it looks like it’s going to be a heck of a ride!

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