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Added on 16-01-2024

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Added on 13-01-2022

What's free?  ~55% off Fees + ~10% APY Reward  ------------------------------------  Bitfinex is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange. Buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies on the platform. Earn passive through staking. *Pro tip: use and trade at the same time or alternativel ... See more

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Bitfinex is the world’s best crypto currency exchange, as well as the largest trader by volume for trading Bitcoin against the US Dollar.

With Bitfinex, professional trading is made available to everyone. Since it was founded in 2012, it grew and expanded to include other crypto currencies apart from Bitcoin, and has proved itself when surviving a huge hack a few years ago. Since then, the peer to peer network has become one of the largest and most advanced platforms for crypto currency exchange.

It is made up of three key features: Exchange trading, margin trading and margin funding. In exchange trading, users may deposit, withdraw or exchange digital tokens. Margin trading with them enables qualified users to trade with up to 3.3xleverage. Finally, with margin funding, you can lend out your fund to users who want to trade with leverage.

Security wise, they’re top of the notch. The first thing they recommend doing after creating an account is to optimise your security settings: you can choose from the wide array of security features that is provided, to make sure you get the best experience from the platform.

Their website is very well made and clear, giving you explanations for each of the features you can use. They show you for instance how to verify your account, in order to deposit and trade fiat currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, JPY). Since making exchanges, especially when you’re not a professional, can be very stressful, Bitfinex has really set up everything in order to guide you through the process.

All in all, Bitfinex are a very trustworthy and professional currency exchange. Their website is fairly easy to use, once you have gone through all their guides and advice. Your account is secure and you get to choose how to secure it, and they’ve already managed to survive a huge hack which could have cost a lot to their users, so you know you’re in safe hands. With their three key features, they really do make professional trading available to everyone!

Don’t forget any factors, and enter the world of crypto currency exchange in the safe hands of Bitfinex. Who knows what lays behind these numbers? Learn how to trade and find out!

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